Types of Investments:

Buy, Build and Flip.

Rental Properties with consistent monthly income.

Secure investment into our company with fixed rate of return.

Only after full careful analysis by our experienced and professional team we commit to purchasing a property for investment purposes. We offer our investors consistent 12 – 14 % return on their money. 10% Guaranteed. Tell us your investment goals, and we’ll help you build a real estate investment plan that will help you reach them. When you’re ready to buy, our experts will take care of the entire acquisition process as well as the ongoing management of the property. We’ll also provide you with market intelligence for buy, hold or sell decisions. Our goals are to maximize your returns, protect your assets and provide you with 100% transparency in the process.


Assisting our clients in managing the entire process of construction and renovation projects. From estimating and negotiating costs to overseeing the day-to- day operations on a construction project, we bring an owner’s mentality to managing construction projects from inception to completion.

Investment Areas:

Philadelphia Investment Opportunities

New York Investment Opportunities

Florida Investment Opportunities

Why Philly?

10 Year Tax Abetment

12 Months Builder's Warranty

Below market value

Double digit net returns

Comprehensive renovations

Building code and point of sale compliant

Strong rental demand

High residual values

Uplift potential

Professional turnkey management